5 controversial travel rules you might be breaking

Are you breaking the simple travel etiquette? How will you even know you are violating anything when you are not aware of the rules in the first place? We can help. See 5 controversial travel rules you might be breaking:
1. Sharing the armrest: When it comes to armrests, it is one armrest for every passenger. But you can reach a compromise with your seatmate. 2 elbows will suit one armrest better than 2 arms.
2. Reclining: Reclining your seat is a controversial topic. Some see it as a right, others see it as being rude. Our advice is to not do it. There is a very small space for legs these days and reclining seats will take more away from the passenger behind you.
3. Cutting the line if you come late: Be polite, ask those in front of you to please allow you go ahead so you can make your flight. Or locate an airport agent and explain yourself. But do not cut line.
4. Swapping seats on an airplane: If the person won’t be giving up a better seat for a worse one, then it is just not fair.
5. A chatty seatmate: Nobody likes an unwanted conversation.

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