How to be Fashionable on Budget ????!

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Do not save what is left after Spending but Spend what is left after Saving.

-Warren Buffett

One of the biggest misconceptions that exists about fashion is that it requires money. The fault for this, lies with fashion writers because they tend to write mainly about big brand like the Jimmy Choo, Tommy Hilfiger, Coco Channel etc.

This Fashion writers think everybody is out there spending their Saturday mornings at Bahamas, making people unpleased with their “un-bing” life.

It takes effort to find stylish cheap clothes, but they do exist. Try “bend-down boutiques”, Store rejects, sample sales or your own wardrobe.

It will surprise you how many designer clothes or something close to that you’ll find when you hit the local “Fos”. Ever tried store rejects clothing or bags? It’s never used????????‍♀️.
n your Closet. There are – I promise – many things in your cupboard at home that you’ve forgotten about: that dress you got yourself, that bodycon skirt you can’t find, is stuck between two drawers and oh yes those sandals stuck beneath the dresser. Take one day off and get yourself busy by clearing your wardrobe. Then take all the stuff you really don’t like to Charity. And even if you couldn’t find anything for yourself, you’ve got yourself a cleaned Closet.????

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