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Kloud 9 – Made in Ashaiman (Bio) 

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Kloud 9 Empire is a Ghanaian highlife, afrobeats,hip hop musical group formed in 2015 by Cyba (Anthony Biele),Oo Joe (Jonathan Ofoe Apeyesi) and Kwesi Foreign (Promise Quarshie Alhijah).
Background and Early Career

Kloud 9 Empire is an Ashaiman-based Ghanaian music group formed in the year 2015 by three talented young artistes (Cyba, Oo Joe and Kwesi foreign) who thought it wise to come together as a group as they shared a common aim of making it big in the Ghanaian music industry and overseas. This brotherly union started with Oo Joe and Kwesi Foreign doing music individually back in high school in the year 2010. After high school they met Cyba who was then an active soccer player but had an undying passion for music. Living in the same neighborhood, they decided to team up as Kloud 9 Empire to start a “Made In Ashaiman” movement abbreviated as #M.I.A in the year 2015.Which is gradually becoming the biggest music movement in Ashaiman and in Ghana at large…They are the New Kings of ashaiman and they are about to take the whole music industry by surprise with good music and influence…They are always compared and associated to the “Migos” as their way of dressing and lifestyle always make a statement…

Music Style

Kloud 9 Empire is a versatile music group but mostly do highlife, afro beats and hip hop music.

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