Kumi Guitar should have dragged DKB by the balls with a thorn embedded gloves, from Zylofon office – Sex Activist

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Sex therapist and showbiz enthusiast, Celestina Moore has waged a rather combative ‘call to action’ poke on talented highlife singer, Kumi Guitar to take steps to ensure his brand moves with some level of respect. Commenting on recent reports of DKB being walked out of Zylofon office by the musician, Mrs Moore suggested Kumi Guitar could have done more to put some fear into his detractors such as comedian DKB. She writes…

I read an article about how Kumi Guitar walked DKB out of Zylofon Media, what an easy disgrace. Even if he wanna to add his voice of suggestion, he should have suggested to himself how to be funny.

He had the guts to bring Shatta wale in too, he is rather using Kumi to get attention now forgetting his big head can be seen by far but empty though.

He should have received some boxing blows and also should have been dragged by his 1 and half balls with a thorn embedded gloves.

Next time he will use his big head to think deeper before opening his unfunny mouth.

(By Celestina Moore)

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