Man Extends Helping Hand To Take Care Of Older Woman Accused Of Stealing | WATCH

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An older woman, who works in a home in Accra as a maidservant who actually caught on tape stealing money from her boss.

In the video, the accused woman begged her bosses to keep these issues behind closed doors as its a very sad video.
A young man who has felt so much pain for the woman is extending his hand into getting contact with the lady, in order to take very good care of her.
According to Mr. Lawrence Ackah Toffey, he will kindly love to get into contact with this lady in order to take very good care of her.
He has then left his number for anyone who truly knows the woman to immediately contact him.
He is very saddened by this treatment from her bosses to the woman as she could be their mother.
Call Mr. Lawrence Ackah Toffey on this number if u know the woman.
Tel: +233 54 215 5429

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