The New me is Challenging but Rewarding – Regina Van-Helvert

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The TV/ Radio presenter within a short period of time, has taken over the airwaves and screens . She admits the new her is challenging but rewarding.

Regina took over RythmzLive on GHOne TV and Touch Down on Live FM, both multiple award-winning entertainment shows on the EIB Network platform .She has stepped up to play with the leaders in the industry within her short time in both roles. This to her is manifestation of what women can do when given the opportunity, and she is not about slowing down on achieving greater heights.

Regina, through ‘girl code’ – a segment of Touch Down, is bringing the ‘sexy’ of ‘girl power’ to her audience across various University campuses in the country, an initiative which can only drive high her brand value.

According to her, it is only a matter of time before her full potential in empowering and positively influencing young women across the country is realized.

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