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Patrick Kwabena Stephenson is an economic consultant with almost a decade of experience in economic, financial, and public policy analysis.

Having graduated as an Accounting major from the Bachelor of Science in Administration programme from the University of Ghana Business School – where he served as the President of the student body, he subsequently trained at the post-graduate level as a development economics and finance professional from the same institution and the Chartered Institute of Development Finance based in South Africa.

His interest in development of Ghana and Africa pushed him into the public policy circles, where he critically subjects policies to rigorous tests for consistency, value for money, sustainability and impact on beneficiaries.

With interests in private enterprise development, innovation, economic and public policy, civic engagement, youth development, empowerment of women and minority groups, he brings to bare the skill of critical inquiry in the major socio-economic developments.

His experience includes consulting for institutions in the financial industry, multilateral and bilateral development space, and multinational risk & research institutions, across a wide range of themes such as strategy, resource governance, policy evaluation, industry analysis, community development assessment, trade facilitation and regional integration among others.

The desire to see the youth properly engaged within the public policy and governance discourse, without losing sight of the experience other stakeholders bring to bare impelled him to actively contribute to public policy and governance debates and conversations, through which he has become an model to many.

His knack for policy advocacy frequently earns him a seat at the policy table with top business leaders in Africa and across the World such as the just ended World Economic Forum for Africa in Durban South Africa themed; Achieving Inclusive Growth through Responsive and Responsible Leadership, which focused on addressing challenges posed by growing youth unemployment and impact of headwinds for commodity-dependent countries, while understanding how Africa can strengthen its economic resilience and create jobs.

In his spare time, he volunteers with youth organizations in mentoring, leadership, and community development projects.

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