Rashelle Blue leaves Highly Spiritual Music, starts her own label, Golden Girl Records (GGR)

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UK-based Ghanaian Singer, Rashelle Blue, has officially announced her departure from Highly Spiritual Music. 

Rashelle Blue after officially announcing her departure from former label via her official Instagram page has however disclosed to starting her new label, Golden Girl Records (GGR), based in UK. 
Without giving details why she’s left the former label, the budding Singer was quick to publicly inform her Fans of subsequent releases coming from her own label soon, henceforth. 
This was what she posted on her Instagram page earlier:
This would make Rashelle Blue (perhaps) the first Ghanaian Female Musician to manage herd self under her own label. Looking at how challenging and competitive it is on the Ghanaian music scene, one would admit it is a very bold step taken by the young lady to start and run a label by herself. She promises her fans more exciting and bigger releases. 
Kindly follow Rashelle Blue on her social media pages (below);
• Facebook: Rashelle Blue
• Instagram: @RashelleBlue
• Twitter: @RashelleBlue
Highly Spiritual Music is owned by celebrated Ghanaian Music Producer, Kaywa. Rashelle Blue’s former label mate, Kurl Songx, was first to leave the label (Highly Spiritual Music).  
(Story: Elorm Beenie)

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