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Africa is a diverse continent of many nations and even more ethnic tribal groups and clans. Some have described Africa as the ‘most evangelized continent’.

Once the continent was the place where missionaries from the West were sent – now Africa is sending missionaries to the West.

The role of religious leaders in every country cannot be underrated since they play a core role in promoting national peace, moral upbringing and spiritual intercessions to address omens that befall the country.

From the beginning of creation, God spoke to man through dreams, signs and His prophets. It is not for nothing that God made Joseph at his time, the one who was able to interpret prophetic dreams.

We have in recent years been thrown out of place by the hit-or-miss prophetic messages coming from many of our religious leaders who claim to be men of God.

With that seeming to be the norm of the day, many are in the leading broadcast of living up to expectation in the Prophetic Ministry.

I hope you don’t think Prophets are superhuman. When you mostly see Men of God as best behavior, it is easy to get an unbalanced view of them.

I want to let you in on a little secret. Prophets are normal people.

Paul wrote, “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man” (1 Cor. 10:13), and this includes everyone in vocational ministry.


The life of Prophet Nigel Gaisie, founder and leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry in recent times has been faced with several hit-backs, insults and all manner of name calling.

For his believe and procrastination about the word of God, his several prophetic engagement has been left with several mis-understanding in the public space, he has been ridiculed to the lowest esteem.

Recently, he was on the run for his dear life because some hit-men armed with guns on motorbike were tormenting the life of the Founder and leader of the True Word Prophetic Ministry International.

Sources close to Nigel Gaisie disclosed at the time, the Prophet has had to change cars on so many occasions in order to avoid being detected by the trailing hit-men.

“Last week, he had to drive into the premises of the nearest Police Station. The guys on motorbike were chasing him. Our Prophet stayed in there for a long time and used a different car home,” one of his adherents said to the media.


The subject of prophecy has more often than sparked controversy, with the conversation mostly centering on which prophet or prophecy is genuine or otherwise.

There has been attempts in the past years to silence Men of God on the Prophetic sector of God.

These attempts of attacks has been orchestrated by Influential individuals in government, politicians who feel uncomfortable on daily basis, some social media among others.

Whiles some of these attempts have failed in the past years, accusations has been leveled against these Men of God by several women to aim at tarnishing their name in the public space.

Many in the spiritual realm have kicked against attempts to silence prophets in the country alluding to the fact that, prophecies are regulated by God and not by the constitution of Ghana.

Prophet Nigel in recent interview Quoting 1 Corinthians 2:14 as a defense said, his prophecies are for the spiritual minds, who understand the things of God and not for the intellectual or canal minds.

When he was asked if the activities of prophets should be regulated by law, the prophet said the country will do that at its own peril.

“What Prophets do are purely spiritual work. The trained and intellectual mind cannot understand it unless you come to the level of spirituality. It will be nonsense to the intellectual. Anytime the prophetic is attacked, the nation is hitting doom,” he stated.

“Any nation that does not respect its prophets loses focus,” he added.

He admits there are bad prophets but insisted by their works they shall be known.


As a man of God, he has made mention of several prophecies of various individuals in the public space.

His prophesy has seen many fulfilled to reality. Whiles others mainly in the Christian jurisdiction have expressed concerned over the public declaration of such prophecies making them speak against it, the fact can’t be disputed over the dimension.

Some accusations against Prophet Nigel over the period about his prophesies has been legitimate, but many are false.

Therefore, we must be careful when an accusation is leveled against people. Some people can conspire to accuse someone.

Do you know that next to temptation, the most frequent and insistent attack from Satan to which we are vulnerable is accusation?.

However, in the Christian faith, some believers become the vessel of the devil to carry out his attack on other Christians, especially those who are using their spiritual gifts to serve Christ.

Apostle Paul had his share of accusations from many angles in the churches that the Lord used him to establish. A case in point is the biblical text that is before us.

My advice to individuals and the world at large is very simple: A prophet of God is a sacred position of authority, bestowed by God for no particular reason other than the fact that He has deliberately chosen them to carry out His assignments.

Touch not the anointed of God. Even when there are reasons to criticize them, caution should be exercised. Let God be the Final judge.

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