Top movie producer stages a revolution to revive Ghana movies with Zylofon Art Fund

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At a press conference in Kumasi to kickstart his new movie production, Mr Samuel Nyamekye boldly proclaimed a revolution to begin filming of top notch Ghanaian movies; what we love and will pay to watch, in a quest to rekindle lost glories. After successfully accessing Zylofon Arts Fund, the first ever private fund for creative arts in Ghana, the ace film investor felt empowered to fuel creative ideas with compelling stories and capacity needed for a global take over.

Read full statement below:

“Members of the press, entertainment critics, industry players, invited
guests, the general public, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of my
colleague filmmakers and the Ghana film industry; we welcome you all
to this press conference. And thank you for honouring this invitation.

Over the years, Ghanaian filmmakers have entertained the Ghanaian
movie lovers both home and abroad with good movies like ‘I Told You
So, Heritage Africa, Sika Sunsum, Kanana, Lost Hope, Step Dad, Who
Killed Nancy, Kumasi Yonko)” just to mention a few.

These movie lovers patronized and supported us to create a very dynamic film industry which became very attractive business. The last two decades have seen the industry booming. Like every booming business, a lot of business people and interests were attracted into it and this helped the industry to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, this growth could not be managed, guarded, or guided very well. The last few years have seen a steady decline in the growth and fortunes of the industry. “

“This has been accelerated largely by the industry players ourselves. Shoddy productions, poor stories, poor sound, bad pictures, and poor scripts are among several factors that have all contributed to the decline of
the industry.
These factors enumerated above have left Ghanaian movie lovers
disappointed in the industry. They have criticized, complained, and
given opinions on the movies currently being produced.

This shows their unflinching love for the industry. After listening to their
complaints among other things, we have resolved to right the wrongs.
We promise that from this day forward, we are going back to produce the good the movies they love. We have worked on ourselves want to assure Ghanaians that there will be nothing but good movies. This time
round the industry will be guided, guarded, and protected. However, we
cannot do this alone. The public has a critical role to play by
patronizing good movies and continue to offer the good advice
especially media entertainment critics.”

“The government and other state institutions cannot be left out in our
bid to raising the standards and quality of the movies we make.
Filmmakers find it very difficult to raise liquidity in our current economic arrangements as many financial institutions do not find it
prudent and attractive to support the film industry. It is in this light that we would want to make a special mention of Zylofon Media
and the CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, a private individual and company for
having created the Creative Arts fund to support the industry.

This fund has created a business module that allows filmmakers to borrow at zero percent interest rate (0%) to produce movies. And we think that
Nana Appiah Mensah, Zylofon Arts Fund, and Zylofon Media need the
support of all especially the government to succeed. Today we are here because one of us has benefited from the fund. We want to use this
opportunity to appeal to the President, who at a point in his life had wanted to become a film director, to create enabling environment for

The Attorney General’s Office, Parliament, and the
Copyright Office should consider reviewing the Copyright Act 690 to
reflect the changing arena of the industry especially with advent of
the internet platform and other digital media arena to protect the
investments made in the Creative Arts Industry. A training regime to
help build the capacity of filmmakers will go a long way in raising
the standards of our movies. Again government as a matter necessity
give true meaning to the Film Act, and implement to the fullest the
Ghana Cultural Policy especially Article 11.

We also want to use this
opportunity to thank individuals and company Silver Bird Cinema,
Global Cinema, Watch and Dine Cinema, Eusbett Theatre and other who have believe in the us and have invested resources into industry.
We would also like to appeal to all the various industry associations
FIPAG, GAG, the Crew Association, Script Writer’s Association, CADAG,
FDGG, Film Distributors’ Association, Retailers’ and Sellers’
Association and the rest to close their ranks to take advantage of the
opportunity Zylofon Arts Fund has created for us.
Last but not the least, the media and entertainment critics have a
very vital role to play if this revolution will succeed. They say
negative news sells, it is however a humble appeal that they help us
propagate positive news about this Revival.
Today marks the beginning of a new revolution in the film industry.

This revolution is dubbed ‘The Revival’, we are going back to produce the good movies Ghanaians are craving for. The revolution has been fueled by the Zylofon Arts Fund. Mr. Samuel NYamekye, the CEO of
Miracle Film is beginning the Revival Revolution.”

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