Why is Turkey not in the EU?

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There are actually many aspects not to join the European Union. These aspects vary as sociological, political and cultural reasons.


The Crisis of Cyprus

This is the biggest problem between Turkey and the European Union. 14 subjects were even closed because of that matter. We can say one of the most featured reasons that the EU puts forward, especially from the countries which don’t want Turkey in the EU. It is a diplomatic issue between Turkey and Greece that was revealed in the early 70s. The island was a single country which was lived by two main populations but the disputes among the folk and turning it into violation actions caused a war. That’s why Turkey sieged the island and occupied half of the land on the island. According to the agreement made by two countries after the siege, the island was divided into two parts named as the‘’ Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’’ and ‘’ the Greek Republic of Southern Cyprus’’. However, the Turkish side of the island has still not been recognized by the other countries, especially by Europeans because Turkish operation was out of their permission, that’s why they even applied embargo to Turkey for stopping the siege. This crisis still continues nowadays not only as a diplomatic dispute in the past but also plenty of gas reserves that are found near the island. Because of being in a geopolitically correct place, the Cyprus issue goes on becoming a block in front of the country.


Cultural Issue

We can even recognize ‘’socio-cultural problem’’ and how European Turkish people are seen by European countries. European Union has offered many possibilities to make the countries feel more European by means of being more attractive and federalization while the EU was widening and deepening. The acceptance of the Euro, the mutual security measures, opening the borders are the samples of steps to make countries feel more European. Additionally, we can put forward the problem of mutual cults, history, and religion which is completely different from Turkey. It has been always a problem to maintain as ‘’ the united Europe’’ because its purpose is to create a mutual European identity and the relevance of Turkey to this union is problematic. Even in some reports, It is pointed out that Turkey can cause a civilization conflict if it is accepted to the European Union.


Human Rights

Especially the presence of dgm before the negotiations, unsolved murders, torture and ill-treatment, police interventions to the demonstrations in the following years, unwarranted arrests are the issues that the EU emphasizes in the progress reports. Especially the freedom of expression is one of the most key elements for the EU. Besides, according to the progress reports, the establishment of association standards are not as equal as European Union Standards. Also, the EU still sees that Turkey behaves badly towards minorities. Due to these reasons, Turkey can not graduate from human rights.


Geopolitical Issue

Turkey seems as if it is a buffer zone between Europe and the unstabilized countries such as Iran, Irak, Syria and more so that accepting Turkey means new responsibilities that need to be measured by the union. No matter where the country is located, Turkey’s real estate market – especially the market of Istanbul real estate for sale –  has kept growing up its potential without affecting external factors.




Kurdish Problem

Kurdish problem is always a problem in the relationships between the EU and Turkey. However, it creates a contrast in the same idea meaning that the EU wants to get the end of the terrorism and make a peace agreement with PKK from Turkey at the same time. An agreement with the EU can not be made because of the wrong usage of the term. PKK doesn’t consist of only Kurdish people and this terror group doesn’t represent them. People who live in Turkey for a long time know that almost half of the population consists of Kurds and any discrimination to them is not commonly seen. That’s why looking at the issue from another continent without any investigation is not true. Besides, The Idea of the Armenian Genocide issue is not accepted by Turkey while accepted by most European countries. These are other problems that Turkey needs to come over to attend the EU. All these criticisms are made by the top of administration though, sales of property for sale in Istanbul indicates that public and communities in a country are appealed by the market and keep growing everyday. The most attractive investment type in real estate is featured with an apartment for sale in Istanbul, of course.


The Role of Military

Turkey experienced two coups and an attempt of the coup in its history. In the 60s and 80s, the military took over the governmental decisions and ruled the country in a militaristic way. This is another unforgivable action for the EU because the republic regime is a must in the idea of the EU, unlike authoritarian regimes. Preventing the history of coup takes time to come over the idea.


The Population Issue

The population of Turkey is high with 80 million people. Besides, within the free access throughout Europe, it is the most important issue among the problems for the EU because Turkey can change the demographic structure of Europe by traveling to these countries. The young population is high so that it may create suitable credibility in Europe freely.


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